Your home is a reflection of your personality, and we are here to make it just as beautiful as you.

Interior Haus offers basic styling advice and services at budget friendly prices. Jayde, owner and founder of Interior Haus, is a qualified Interior Designer through the Interior Design Institute and is ready to help you. Jayde works on low-scale projects and loves to provide her basic knowledge or outlook on what would work for you.

Seeking styling advice before a project is such a great way to help bring your image to life. Work out early-on what your budget is, what is most important to you and what style is the most YOU. Kick-start your idea with mood-boards, general recommendations and product suggestions. 

Do you have a basic idea? Or no idea at all? Do you know the vibe you're trying to convey but don't know where to start? Relax and let us take care of it. We will create a plan just for you.

Please contact us to discuss whether our pricing and services match what you are looking for. If you are looking for advice on larger projects/project management we suggest speaking to an Interior Design firm that works on commercial-scale redecoration or renovations.

With love,

Interior Haus x