Interior Haus was founded in 2020 by me (Jayde), sole owner, after I completed a course in Interior Design at just 21 years old. I (Jayde) always had a passion for interiors, I originally wanted to solely do Interior Styling but after doing my research, somehow we ended up here! I absolutely love sourcing new homewares for my beautiful customers and keeping up to date with the latest trends. I've learnt so much along the way and no doubt will continue to do so.

We are completely and proudly woman owned and operated, constantly bringing you new and beautiful styles. Back in 2020 we started off by stocking a few planter pots, a small number of decorative vases and the occasional raffia wall hanging. I used to directly sell on Marketplace and at my local market grounds on weekends, which was so great to meet my beautiful customers in person and I'm so happy to say that I met some of my most regular customers through these events. But as my business grew and my online presence sky rocketed, I moved towards being solely online. Through my time at Interior Haus I have found so many more Australian brands that I never even knew existed and I just love having a platform where I can show you all these beautiful Australian brands that otherwise may go unnoticed. From handcrafted gold jewellery styles, to artwork directly from Australian artists all the way to handpoured candles. We really have it all at Interior Haus and I'm so proud of the diverse range of products that we have here.

Something that was really important to me from the very beginning of my business journey is to be mindful of the packaging that we use. Without a doubt ecommerce and packaging products ending up as litter in landfill is something that is a huge issue in our current world, especially at a time where online shopping is at its peak. Environmentally friendly shipping and packaging options were a must. I'm very proud to say that Interior Haus only uses recycled and reused cardboard boxes, recycled and biodegradable sticky tape, recycled and biodegradable bubble wrap and even recycled and biodegradable satchels. We even managed to source eco-friendly tissue paper! What!? Your parcel may not arrive looking branded and pretty, but we promise the contents are + you're doing planet Earth a favour. Please reach out if you're ever interested in where we source these eco friendly products from - we would absolutely love to share our knowledge with you.

Thanks so much for visiting my website. It means the absolute world to have you here and I hope you've found some beautiful pieces that you can treasure forever.

With love, Jayde - Owner x

*Keep reading below if you're here for the FAQ.

Shipping policy

We are currently dedicated to using only recycled cardboard materials in our shipping. No fancy wrapping, excess packaging or damaging plastics. Making our little difference on the planet one step at a time. We do not offer gift wrapping for this reason.

Interior Haus primarily ships to Australia & New Zealand. Customers in South Australia, please take advantage of our state-wide $5 delivery. We also ship to the USA, Canada and certain countries in Asia. The shipping fee is high as it is very expensive for us to ship our fragile items overseas. The shipping fee charged is dependent on the value of the order.

Depending on whether you select express or standard delivery, this does vary and also changes depending on where you're located. On average, a standard delivery should be with you in no later than 5 business days. We will always let you know of any delays.

Please contact us straight away if you have put the wrong address on your order. We will not be responsible for replacing any items that have been delivered to an inaccurately provided address. Please review your details before purchasing.

The pre-order date will be mentioned in the product name. Please allow until the end of the mentioned month before reaching out about your order. For example, if the pre-order is due in September, your order will be sent by the end of September.

Prints and Jewellery may take up to 4 weeks to be dispatched as they are made to order. This is also mentioned in the description of these products.

Returns and exchanges

We give our customers 1 week from the arrival date of the parcel to change their mind - provided that the item is in its original condition. The customer pays postage back to us, but receives a full refund of the product itself, provided it arrives in one piece. 

*This excludes ALL Jewellery and Wall Art products. Change of mind is not accepted on any of these items as they are made to order - however please contact us if they're faulty.

Please contact us via our email: interiorhausaustralia@gmail.com or through the 'Contact Us' section on our website. We will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Please contact us as soon as it arrives. All we ask is that you provide a photo of the damaged item, along with an image of the packing slip on the parcel, and you will receive a full refund. We will not provide refunds for broken/damaged items if we are not notified within the first few days of its arrival.


All prints are printed on 200gsm Fine Art, smooth alpha-cullose base paper. They will arrive rolled in a tube, ensuring the product is not damaged in transit.

This paper is of a high quality but can be torn if not handled with care. Please make sure your hands are completely clean when unravelling your print, and that you are patient. Trying to quickly open your parcel may tear the edges.

We would suggest leaving it in its original packaging and taking it directly to the person who will be framing it for you. This will reduce the risk of damage. We will not provide refunds for lack of care, our products are rolled and packaged cautiously and are shipped completely in-tact.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Wipe your gold plated jewellery after each use, using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You may also soak it for a few minutes in warm, soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth as needed (or a soft toothbrush to clean small cracks and crevices).

Cleaning Gold Vermeil is easy to do at home. We recommend using a gentle polishing cloth on your gold vermeil pieces, ensuring it is clean and dry. Simply rub your piece in one direction, wiping away any dirt. Due to its thicker gold layer, gold vermeil is a durable option for jewellery pieces. Taking proper care of your favourite pieces, will ensure your pieces stand the test of time. There are numerous ways to care for your jewellery, from keeping it clean, to keeping it away from liquids, and even storing it in its own pouch rather than thrown in with other pieces. We will not offer a refund for general wear and tear.

How do I care for my cactus silk cushion?

Spot clean with a damp cloth only. These cushions are dyed using natural elements meaning that these colours can run and potentially dis-colour any other clothing or cushions that are washed with it. Washing machine cleaning is strongly discouraged. No chemicals are used on these products to set the colour, therefore any liquid may affect the natural colouring and cause the vegetable dyes to run. We will not accept any returns or exchanges for neglecting to pay attention to the care instructions.

There is a known smell on Cactus Silk Cushions when they're newly made, it is caused from the natural vegetable dyes that are used. These cushions are handmade in Morocco using natural products only.

In saying this, the odour definitely goes with time - whatever you do, don't wash them! These natural dyes will run If they get wet. We suggest that you let your cushions air out for a week to let the natural odour subside if it is strong.