Why should I invest in quality products from local small businesses rather than cheap alternatives from the larger department stores?

We KNOW that $2 Target dupe may is tempting, but let's dive into why you should be investing in quality pieces rather than these cheaper alternatives.

We, at Interior Haus, value the importance of quality home decor. A home product that will be just as beautiful in 3 years time, a beautiful print intended to be in your home for a lifetime. Local small businesses will always provide premium handmade products that you won't find elsewhere, local brands and familiar faces. Handcrafted pieces that are made with love, made with quality products. Nothing beats that. 

Small businesses actually appreciate you, your time, your money, your support. There's nothing on earth that compares to the feeling of knowing that you're actually supporting a dream. You're not just purchasing a pretty handmade floor vase, or making your home look beautiful, you're putting money into the pocket of local families, local business. You're not funding a CEO's annual European holiday, you're funding a dream. & more often than not - there's perks that come along with supporting these smaller stores, such as reward programs and VIP sales that you won't get elsewhere.

This is a point that has been made time and time again, and it remains ever so true - small businesses showcase Australian Artists and Australian products that you will not these large department stores. Have you ever visited a large commercial chain store and seen locally made products? A familiar artwork? I mean, you might see a $2 dupe, but the real answer is always no. These products are made overseas in large factories that produce millions of these products, often ripping off and stealing the design from the true artist, and no one will ever really know who is actually behind the hard labour. When you purchase from and support small businesses, you're not just purchasing a pretty vase, you're supporting a dream and supporting local talent.

Plan for your future and buy quality pieces. Yes the Kmart dupe is a quarter of the price, but what's the quality like? What is it made of? Who made it? Is it going to discolour in a years time? Large department stores like Kmart, Big W, Target - they all offer cheap home decor alternatives. When you factor in the cost of replacements or even the cost of materials to do your DIY repairs, the money you spent on that 'bargain' will really increase over time. Invest in that beautiful bohemian floor vase, keep it forever, pass it down to your grandkids to love for future generations to come. A quality product will never go out of style. 
Buy it for life, durability matters when it comes to home decor.