What are Cactus Silk Cushions?

Cactus Silk Cushions are the hottest boho home decor trend right now - adding texture, colour and authentic style to your home. The material itself is not soft like a normal cushion, but instead has a slightly rough finish. The upside to this is that due to the harder exterior they do not tear easily - your cats and dogs cannot penetrate and create holes! This is a godsend for those of you with pets at home, especially cats who like to claw everything and little puppies who like to tear up cushions for fun!

All Cactus Silk Cushions are made from natural fibres and the colours have been produced using natural vegetable dyes. Remastered from handwoven Sabra rugs, making the Cactus Silk cushions one of a kind pieces. There is absolutely no two cushions the same in the world - this makes them so special. 

Most Cactus Silk Cushions come in a square 45 x 45 or 50 x 50 shape, however you can also find Cactus Silk Cushions in a 'lumbar' shape - which is a longer rectangular shape and perfect as a feature pillow on a bed.


Due to their handmade nature, you cannot clean a Cactus Silk Cushions like your normal cushions and pillows. Spot clean with a damp cloth only. They are dyed using natural elements meaning that these colours can run and potentially dis-colour any other clothing or cushions that are washed with it. We strongly discourage cleaning these cushions in a washing machine. 

If your Cactus Silk Cushions is accidentally wet or discoloured as a result of coming into contact with food/drink and the spot cleaning just makes it worse - we recommend washing in the washing machine - then air drying in direct sunlight for about 4 days. The Cactus Silk Cushion will not have its same colour, it will be discoloured, but by sun bleaching it, it will almost have a rustic appearance. In fact, I do this with all of my Cactus Silk Cushions - I do not suggest doing this if you are hoping to retain its colour. The colour will be completely different due to the mixing of the dyes but I personally like the rustic appearance caused from sun bleaching my cushions.