Top 5 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Here at Interior Haus we love to help you source the best gifts for the occasion, cost effective pieces that the receiver is sure to love - so we have compiled a list of our top 5 most recommended housewarming gifts. Housewarming gifts that won't be left in the back of the cupboard.

Please note: these housewarming gift ideas can be suited to both male and female recipients - think of colour, pattern, shape. There are so many options on the market these days.

1. Throw Rug/Blanket

A Throw Rug or Blanket is the BEST housewarming gift for a variety of reasons. There is NO SUCH THING as too many throws - think of how many ways a rug can be used and in how many areas. 

The receiver can use it as a casual throw for their couch, a decorative throw for the end of their bed, a luxurious picnic blanket, a special blanket to use when guests stay, or even simply as a warm blanket to keep in the car for those cold winter drives/camping trips. The key to the perfect throw is to purchase a QUALITY throw rug that your loved one can use time and time again, to have in their home forever.

2. Platter Board

Platter boards are so underestimated. They truly make a really beautiful housewarming gift - with so many beautiful designs on the market in a variety of shapes and sizes. The good thing about platter boards is that they can be quite a budget friendly purchase yet so practical.

3. Bottle Opener

A fancy bottle opener! There's something so awesome about gifting a real statement-piece bottle opener as a housewarming present. Not one of those boring stainless steel bottle openers, but a bottle opener in a specific shape or colour - a bottle opener that makes their guests go WOW, where did you get this from?

4. Photo Frames

For someone who's just purchased their first home, second home or even moved into their first rental - the perfect way to make the space feel like 'home' is to fill it with photo memories from the good times. The most timely part about organising this is, of course, sourcing the photo frames.

Take the stress away and purchase a set of beautiful matching photo frames that your loved one can use to style on their wall as they wish, and fill with the pictures they choose.

5. Candles

Now this one is an obvious one but is ALWAYS a winner - CANDLES! A candle isn't usually something that a person goes out of their way to purchase for them self, yet it is always such a great housewarming gift to receive. Perfect to make a space not only smell amazing, but also feel homely and warm. Choose either a scent that you love to remind them of you or choose a scent that reminds you the most of them.

PRO TIP: Ask them what their favourite colour is or what their main colours in their home will be before purchasing anything.