Quality Bohemian Decor On A Budget

Here at Interior Haus we know how hard it is to keep up with the trends without spending thousands and thousands each time the styles change. This is why it was so important for us to make sure we had budget friendly options in our store, but of course we've got to admit, it's hard to compete with the large department stores and their crazy low prices. And first, let us tell you, there is no such thing as cheap quality bohemian decor. Cheap and quality should not even be in the same sentence. This is why we want to share with you some of our favourite budget home styling hacks that you can implement in your home, while still achieving your desired boho look, shopping local and supporting your small businesses.
Boho Wall Decor can be one of the most expensive purchases for a modern decorator. Interior Haus has Boho Wall Decor options with sizing starting at as little as A4, allowing you to instantly refresh any of your spaces, no matter how big or small. And let me tell you my favourite home styling budget hack when it comes to wall art... (and yes, you can still purchase your dream Jai Vasicek art!!!)
If your budget only allows you to purchase the A4 print at $70, but the area you're wanting to hang this artwork would need a size A2 which is over double the price at $145 - it's all about the frame. You may consider opting for a cheap print or lookalike print from a large department store so that you can purchase a larger print within your budget, but don't stress, you can still support your favourite artist. The oversized frame look works wonders and can save you hundreds of dollars on your home renovation. See below, one of our We Are All Stars prints by Tahnee Kelland. This is an A4 print, styled in an A2 frame. This was one of the best inexpensive framing ideas we ever came across, and we will never look back. Styling this smaller print in a larger frame is almost like an optical illusion, it does not look out of place and fills the area perfectly. Although your budget only allows you to purchase the smallest size, this budget friendly home decoration option will allow you to still have the desired effect in the space. Decorating on a budget 2022 style.
boho on a budget


Another money saving tip when it comes to renovating your home, is to be careful with colour. We LOVE coloured decor at Interior Haus, BUT you're going to save yourself a lot of money in the long run by investing in neutrals. Neutral decor will never go out of style and luckily bohemian decor isn't always pinks and oranges, it can also be beige shades and white tones. This is perfect for linen lovers who have all the neutral linen shades and lovers of boho rattan furniture. Have you ever noticed how high end homes are filled with neutral decor? It's because neutrals are timeless and make a space feel calm. Purchase your main home items in neutral tones and play around with the accessories in colour. As trends change you can always purchase a new pillow case, then change it again when that goes out of style, I mean, you can change that pillowcase every day if you want to! But if you were doing this with your vases, your wall decor, your pots, imagine how much money you'd be spending! And where would you even store them all!? We promise you'll notice a difference if you start to use this budget boho home decorating idea. This is a really clever way to save money on your home renovation in the long term.
Plan for your future and buy quality pieces. Yes the Kmart dupe is a quarter of the price, but what's the quality like? What is it made of? Who made it? Is it going to discolour in a years time? Large department stores like Kmart, Big W, Target - they all offer cheap home decor alternatives. True linen lovers will know the quality difference between purchasing a cheap linen set or investing in the expensive kind. But the quality speaks for itself. When you factor in the cost of replacements or even the cost of materials to do your DIY repairs, the money you spent on that 'bargain' will really increase over time. Invest in that beautiful bohemian floor vase, keep it forever, pass it down to your grandkids to love for future generations to come. A quality product will never go out of style. Buy it for life, durability matters when it comes to home decor.
I hope you've loved our simple budget friendly home decor ideas. We promise you'll benefit from these money saving styling hacks. It is so important to support the Australian Artists that spend countless hours creating these beautiful masterpieces. It is sadly too often that large department stores create a tacky lookalike. Shop local, buy quality, invest in neutrals, buy it for life! Quality bohemian decor on a long-term budget.