Why should I be styling my home with neutral tones?

Bringing nature into your home with neutral tones is timeless and effortlessly beautiful. Natural home decor ideas have always been stylish but there has been an increased popularity in this style in the past few years, and let me tell you why you should be following this trend.

By why should I be adding neutral tones to my home? Why opt for the natural shades over pops of colour?

The answer is simple. With a neutral toned base eg. neutral toned furniture, white/beige/wooden photo frames and natural shades in your lamp shades, larger vases etc - it allows you to express yourself as styles change without needing to completely change your whole home.

Pastel tones are in? Purchase a pastel toned print for your neutral photo frame. Bold colours and patterns are trending? Accessorise with new cushions for your beige couch. It's a sustainable way to stay in the trends without needing to purchase a new lounge or a new TV cabinet every time the style changes.

Because let's be real - styles are constantly changing. One minute floral patterns are in, and the next minimalistic whites or even retro decor.

At Interior Haus, we offer you so many options as these trends change. We love bringing you the most popular products and ideas to express your own style. Affordable neutral decor if you're looking to add to your beige collection and don't get us wrong, we LOVE a bold statement vase, so we have that for you too. But neutral style is here and it isn't leaving any time soon! Follow our Instagram @interior_haus for more tips.


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